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China Embassy Attestation Services

The 21st century is indeed an Asian century and most importantly Chinese century. The Asian giant has emerged as the second largest economy after the United States. Some analysts are stating that China will replace the United States as a cultural and educational superpower. Consequently, there is a huge demand from Indians who wish to study, work and live in China. We at Falcon Attestation are essentially the pioneers in delivering world-class Chinese attestation services to all our customers both current and prospective.

Our unparalleled China Embassy Attestation services consist of educational, personal, and commercial certificate attestation.

China Embassy Attestation Procedure:

Chinese attestation is very simple and easy to follow.

  1. State HRD/ Home Department attestation / Chamber of commerce authentication

    First, the documents are authenticated by the HRD of the Indian state from which they are issued. This process is also known as HRD attestation for China. The Human Resource Department of the state verifies the data present in the certificates and affixes the stamp on those papers. In some Indian states such as Maharashtra, the Notary attests to the documents. Regarding personal documents like birth certificates, death certificates, etc, the Home Department of the respective Indian state from where the documents have been issued is responsible for authenticating them.

  2. MEA attestation:

    After the initial attestation has been completed, the Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for authenticating the documents.

  3. China Embassy Attestation:

    The final step in this simple process is that of attestation of the certificates from the Chinese embassy.

Fig - China Embassy Attestation Procedure

Educational Document Attestation From China Embassy

Similar to educational document attestation for Gulf nations including degree certification for China, the HRD of the Indian state from where the certificates have been issued will attest to the certificates, initially. For specific cases, the Notary authenticates the documents. The next step is that of attestation of the documents from the MEA and culminating with attestation from the China Embassy.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Original attested documents and its copy.
  2. Copy of the passport.

Personal Document Attestation From China Embassy

Concerning personal document attestation for China, initially, the documents are authenticated initially from the Home Department of the state from where it was issued. In some particular cases, the Notary of the particular state will attest to the documents. After document attestation for China from the Home Department, MEA attestation is carried out and ends with attestation from the Chinese Embassy.

Supporting documents for personal document attestation:

  1. Original attested documents and its copy.
  2. Copy of the passport.

Commercial Document Attestation From China Embassy

Regarding attestation of the commercial documents, the certificates are attested from the Chamber of Commerce in the beginning, followed by attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs, and completion with attestation from the embassy

Supporting documents for commercial document attestation:

  1. Original attested documents and its copy.
  2. Copy of the passport.


What is the duration for attestation from the China Embassy?

Usually, it takes around ten days to obtain an attestation from the China Embassy.

How many days it takes for Chinese visa stamping?

If the documents are submitted using the normal process, it takes around two weeks for stamping and a week if the certificates need to be submitted on an urgent basis.

Is apostille valid in China?

No, an apostille is not valid in China.

Who is verifying the documents in China?

The Chinese consulate or Embassy will verify the seal and signature from the office of the Secretary of State. After verification, the Chinese Consulate or Embassy authorities will attest the signature and seal to the document for it to be legally used in China.

Which language in the certificates is acceptable for attestation in China?

The documents should either be in English or Chinese for them to be attested by the Chinese embassy.

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