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Indonesia Embassy Attestation Services

The Republic of Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world and the largest island country at the globe. It is a South Asian country. The government of Indonesia offers its people a wide range of social welfare programmes, housing amenities, and employment opportunities. Because of this, Indonesia is a popular location for commercial and professional migrants. Because it provides quality education, safe housing, and cutting-edge healthcare, it is a popular location for those looking for professional and non-professional work.

Document legalization is mandatory for obtaining visa of Indonesia. Any documents which are used in processing visa for Indonesia needs to be attested by the embassy of Indonesia. Since the document legalization process vary from one country to another it would be always better to complete the procedure from an expert hand.

Falcon attestation is one of the reputed company offering complete document attestation services for Indonesia. We help you to attest your educational, personal or commercial documents from different authorities of government of India like HRD, Home department, chamber of commerce, MEA and from the embassy of Indonesia. We have team of professional experts to process documents for attestation. Only you have to submit document and pay or service fees. We will do rest of the job.

Indonesia Embassy Attestation Procedure:

The procedure of document attestation for Indonesia depends upon the type of documents. I.e. whether it is educational, personal or commercial documents.

Fig - Indonesia Embassy Attestation Procedure

Educational Document Attestation for Indonesia

All the educational documents needs to be first attested by the human resource department of the concerned state from where it was issued. After authentication from state HRD the educational documents are sent to the MEA for further attestation. After attestation from MEA, Indonesia embassy will finally attest the document.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Original educational documents and its copy.
  2. Copy of the passport.

Personal Document Attestation for Indonesia

Personal Documents such as marriage certificate, birth certificate, medical certificate etc. needs to be first authenticated by the home department of the issuing state. After authentication from home department the personal document is send to the Ministry of External Affairs of India for further attestation. Embassy of Indonesia will finally attest the documents after MEA attestation.

Supporting documents for personal document attestation:

  1. Original personal documents and its copy.
  2. Copy of the passport.

Commercial Document Attestation for Indonesia

All the business documents needs attestation before they can used abroad. The business documents can be invoice, incorporation certificate, shipping receipt, packing list etc. Commercial documents are first authenticated by the chamber of commerce. After chamber of commerce attestation, MEA will attest the document. After MEA attestation, Embassy of Indonesia will finally attest the documents.

Supporting documents for commercial document attestation:

  1. Original commercial documents and copy.
  2. Copy of the passport.
  3. A cover letter addressed to the Indonesia Embassy.

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