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UAE Embassy Attestation Services

Falcon Attestation has been consistently ranked among the top UAE Embassy Attestation services provider in India. Ever since its commencement in 2017, the company is providing cost effective UAE Attestation services to all its prospective and current customers domestically and globally. We employ a highly experienced and trained staff at all our centres to provide the highest level of customer service and are constantly investing in new technological and human innovations.

  • We have been impanelled by the UAE Embassy for accepting applications for attestation from the Embassy and doing the needful.
  • Falcon Attestation range of services comprise the whole range including State Home Attestation, HRD attestation, Chamber of Commerce attestation and also Apostille.

Procedure of Document Attestation for UAE

Certificate Attestation for UAE is essential in order to apply for a work visa or moving to United Arab Emirates. Once all the certificates are attested which can be of any type such as educational, personal and commercial, the documents are considered to be legal. In fact, the process of attestation for documents for the UAE is quite straightforward.

  1. State HRD/ home department authentication/ Chamber of commerce authentication:

    The process concerning attestation begins with the basic step. Regarding degree certificate attestation for UAE, the degree certificate needs to be authenticated from the concerned Human Resources Department of the state from where it was issued. After verification, the HRD authorities will affix their seal and signature on the certificates. Concerning personal documents, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate etc, and its authentication is required from the Home Department. For commercial certificates such as business invoice, Chamber of Commerce authentication is essential.

  2. MEA attestation:

    After the initial step is completed, MEA attestation for documents is carried out. The MEA authorities verify the information present in the documents from the original sources and then put their signature and seal on the papers.

  3. UAE Embassy Attestation:

    Once the MEA completes the document attestation for UAE then the most crucial step is the attestation from UAE Embassy. The authorities from the UAE Embassy check the information, and after establishing its credibility, sign the papers.

  4. Ministry of Foreign Attestation:

    Unlike other GCC countries, once the UAE Embassy Attestation has been done, the documents still need to be ratified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United Arab Emirates, for issuing a visa.

Fig - UAE Embassy Attestation Procedure

Educational Document Attestation For UAE

It is extremely easy to get HRD attestation for UAE, by following the correct steps. The degree certificates are sent to the Human Resources Department of the state where the college or the university is located. The HRD authorities ratifies the certificates. In some Indian states, the Sub Divisional Magistrate is authorized to perform this task. Then the certificates are sent to the Ministry of External Affairs for attestation and then to the UAE Embassy for attestation. The final step is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in the UAE.

Supporting Documents:

  1. Original educational documents and its copy.
  2. Passport Copy.

Personal Document Attestation For UAE

All personal documents should be attested from the Home Department of the state from where it originated. For example, if the marriage certificate originated from Hyderabad, then it should be validated by the Home Department of the state of Telangana. The Home Department authentication should be followed by the attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs and the embassy attestation. The ultimate step is the attestation from the MOFA, in the UAE, before visa is granted.

Supporting documents for personal document attestation:

  1. Original personal documents and its copy.
  2. Passport Copy.

Commercial Document Attestation For UAE

All commercial certificates need to be attested from the UAE Embassy in this way. Initially, there is Chamber of Commerce attestation of the documents, followed by the MEA attestation and then there is attestation from the UAE Embassy. The final step is the attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE.

Supporting documents for commercial document attestation:

  1. Original commercial documents and its copy.
  2. Passport Copy.


How many days does it take to get documents attested in the UAE?

The usual time taken for attestation is around eight to ten working days.

What is the price of certificate attestation in UAE?

To attest educational and personal certificates, the price is Rs 3750 and for commercial certificates, the price is Rs 50000/- besides service charges.

What is the role of MOFA in the UAE?

The Ministry of Foreign Attestation is an agency appointed by the UAE authorities, for legalizing documents from the country, from where the certificate originated.

What does attestation mean?

Attestation is the process of ratifying the educational, commercial and personal documents for obtaining the appropriate visa from the UAE embassy.

Is attestation from the MOFA required after degree attestation from the embassy of the UAE?

Yes, MOFA attestation is absolutely essential.

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